We start by learning how far your company has gone, and how to take it much further.

At MMI Software, our process starts with learning your business and your project objectives. We identify key stakeholders for the project and analyze pain points, confirming whether the project goals are achievable and that our service will fulfill these goals in a fiscally responsible manner.

We will spend time in your company observing, interviewing, and assembling thorough documentation about your existing system, as viewed from different sides by different stakeholders. By analyzing your business, we can then determine if and how software can be molded to processes, and how processes can be improved and automated. Your end result will be a business running more efficiently and securely, with easier controls and clear visibility, no opacity of processes. Ultimately, we want to ensure that both, your company and your customers, benefit at the end of the project.

When you receive our proposal, you can rest assured knowing that all of your concerns have been addressed.

We create a functional proposal specifying a package of software, warranty, hardware requirements, automation, process improvements, training and on-going service.

The proposal includes projected dates for implementation and potential payment plans. It then goes through a cycle of iterations to reach agreement between MMI Software and the customer. Upon finalizing and approving the functional proposal, a thorough technical specification proposal document is created, explaining how all functional requirements are fulfilled from a technical standpoint, via out-of-the-box modules, customization, R&D, or third-party programs.

The technical proposal goes through necessary iterations to achieve agreement between MMI Software and customer, potentially modifying the functional proposal and cost of the project. A cross functional team from MMI Software and key company stakeholders meet to discuss details of the type of commitment needed, what changes will take place, how MMI Software will guide these changes, what type of support we will need from customer’s staff and how we will support and train the staff.

We don’t launch until we have trained your company staff, tested, debugged, tested again, and trained your staff even more.

When a full system is developed, a cross functional team of MMI Software and customer’s staff will run periodic tests in a real life, isolated environment to ensure compatibility with processes and provide feedback sessions. Onsite training of company staff will be ongoing during this process.

When all necessary data is formatted and migrated into the new system, bugs are worked out, system processes are automated and the MMI Software system is fully run parallel to existing system at customer company. A thorough training of all staff is conducted on site in small class environments and one-on-one. Additional online training is also available. Specified employees from customer’s facility are cross trained in entirety on software to become master users and internal experts. MMI Software’s system will take over from previous system; the old system is phased out of use, with attention to detail ensuring records are accurately reflected and created during phase out. Once the customer’s facility is running completely on the new system, MMI Software closely monitors the system performance and makes sure any bugs are fixed in a timely manner to ensure a smooth transition and continuous operation.

Our job is to make sure you can do your jobs faster, better.

We will continue to investigate ways to improve and automate your business, and conduct additional training sessions to increase employee proficiency and address any new questions or concerns.

MMI Software provides advice and training on how to use the advanced features of our system to make the business operations better, how to spot and understand issues using our system, how to cut costs and increase profits. A service contract is enacted to ensure the system is kept current with the latest software patches, server security, etc. We also provide value adding services for more automation, analysis, continued integration with external systems, on-going training, enhanced system use and general business consulting.


We don’t make different programs “fit” together; we offer a fully integrated single system.

There is no need to synchronize systems or databases, no need to purchase and maintain expensive server hardware. Our cloud SaaS can help reduce your workstation cost to as little as $200.

All data is always up to date and there is consistent user interface with a fully integrated single system. There is a single log in – no need to have or remember multiple passwords, and easy to manage employee access. If you have to use multiple software products to manage parts of the same process and reenter the same data more than once, then you will benefit from the built in functionality that multiple moldable modules afford. We can lower your costs by customizing built-in modules to fit your business functions, rather than developing everything from scratch. You can log-in from anywhere there is an internet connection using any operating system or any modern device.

Gain new perspectives on your business.

Analyze your company data in more ways than one. Our software provides features and tools that allow you to see how manufacturing deals with accounting, how sales talks to distribution, and more.

Our software will include multiple business functions, i.e., accounting, MRP, etc. and features that can provide reports, charts and analysis tools. The modern user interface is fast and easy to learn. Get all the information you need where you need it. Sell on the road with our software's mobile user interface working even if you don't have a fast internet connection. Reduce data entry and send quotes in just a few clicks, manage your pipeline with drag & drop. Use predefined products, pricelists and templates to make your jog easier. Upselling — quotations are optimized to help you sell more: propose extra options, apply closing triggers, discounts, etc. Quotation templates — design clear quotation templates you can reuse in just a few clicks. Electronic signatures — sell faster with electronic signature workflows that allow your customers to review and sign your quotations online.


We’re business analysts.

We will spend as much time as needed to learn everything about your business, and we understand how processes and software affect each other.

Your software should not constrain your processes, but should instead improve your competitive advantage by optimizing those processes.

We understand that you need to see the big picture as well as fine details clearly at all times, in real time.

We’re e-commerce experts.

We’ve been involved with e-commerce companies of different sizes and have experts that understand it from multiple angles.

We understand technology (database servers, web servers, phones, data security, etc.), user experience and design, finance and accounting, supply chain, customer service, marketing and compliance. We tie it all together to provide you with the big picture, in clear detail.

We’re software & IT professionals.

In modern world, data structure, consistency, and integrity are keys to smooth operation. Your systems have to be fast, reliable, accessible yet secure.

We can research and engineer custom software modules that fit your exact needs. We write good, clean, well-documented code. We avoid unnecessary over-engineering because we keep abreast of current technology and identify important technology trends.

We’re ERP integrators and automation fanatics!

  • We will analyze and understand your business.
  • We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in e-commerce and we will put it to work for you!
  • We selected an exceptional ERP / Unified Commerce platform.

We use our vast business and technical knowledge to optimize your processes, automate everything we can, and build a custom-fit ERP system for your company.